The "Facilitative Chair" program is designed to enable you to learn the essential leadership skills required to guide your board to being more effective, efficient and to achieve your true purpose.

Combining training, online forums, workshops and individuals coaching sessions this program takes a long term approach to your role as a Chair is designed to challenge, support, and empower you to develop the necessary skills that enable you and your board to work as a cohesive team.

How can you plan your journey if you don't know where you are and where you are going?

What is the first thing a new Chair should do after taking on a Leadership role with the board?


The answer to that question is to get a full understanding of the context of their governance team and the organisation. Many new Chairs fail to take the time to take a macro view of their new role and set themselves up for success.


Being systematic and methodical is a key leadership trait, so although you have probably been appointed to your role because you can get things done giving yourself permission to understand your starting point will be one of the best decisions you will make in your new role.

Building a game plan

Building confidence and cohesion with a board requires a great vision and transparency. Being able to build a solid plan for development and progression of your board you first need to build the foundation of an effective governance team. You will need to priorities your program by understanding where their are gaps in capability and execution around board make up and skills, policy and procedure, risk and compliance and developing a personal vision for your tenure.


Impactful Meetings

In board terms meetings are the place where discussions are held, options are debated and final decisions are made. For many not for profits it may also be the only place that the whole board gets to talk and discuss the state of play six to twelve times a year. This is generally not because of lack of initiative, the simple fact is that most NFP boards are run essentially by volunteers that also have full time work and family commitments.
The Chairs role is to ensure that these moments are maximised to ensure the right discussions are being held and the best decisions for the organisation are made. Being able to plan and facilitate an effective, efficient and impactful meeting takes skill and practice, but it is probably one of the most important roles your will take on as an NFP Chair.

Decision Making and Building Agreement

The ultimate aim for your board is to tap into the diverse backgrounds of your directors while promoting diversity of thought and opinion. Sometimes these opinions can be worlds apart, and as a Chair you need to capture the best of all these ideas to create cohesive, relevant and targeted decisions that are right for the organisation.
Facilitating discussion and reaching agreement require attention and skill. These skills need to be developed and practiced over time to ensure they become standard practice for your board interactions.


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