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There are no volunteers on boards, only directors.

Being a director of any organisation is a very serious task and should not be taken on lightly. Whether on a for profit
or non-profit board, the directors’ roles in governance and leadership are the same.

If you have taken on a non-profit board role as either Chair or non executive director then I take my hat off to
you for giving back to the community and fulfilling this most important role.

Whether you are a new Chair or have been one for some time, thinking deeply about your role, the organisation and its purpose should never stop.

This book is a compilation of the thought-provoking inquiry I go through around the five core areas of board focus and responsibility.


I hope you enjoy this book and that it gives you insights to help make your journey more enjoyable and impactful.

Robert A. Crowe


About the Author

Robert Crowe, Managing Director of Leading for Purpose, is a board leadership coach, mentor and educator, and an advocate for a sustainable and robust For Purpose sector. He works to provide education and coaching for 'Non Profit' and 'For Purpose' Chairs to help them master strategic leadership practices.


Working with clients nationally and abroad he provides a range of facilitation and training solutions to develop skills and core capabilities that help boards, individuals and executive teams to maximise effectiveness, efficiency, and growth for their organisation.

His passion and expertise is focused on building a balance between good oversight and powerful action that enables the board and organisation to serve its cause and community while fulfilling its true purpose.