The short form evaluation is designed for boards who may be in the middle of a monitoring cycle and want to ascertain the current thinking of the board, or may be languishing with a full board agenda and need to carry out an initial evaluation.
Whatever the reason the short form evaluation will highlight areas of agreement in process and help ascertain thinking on priorities for board members.
The form is submitted electronically and can track individuals responses or be totally annonymous.
Relying on anecdotal evidence or conversations is not the ideal way to ensure your NFP board is working to its true potential.
Independent evaluation and direction is an excellent way to ensure your board are aligned and working to the same goals.
Having an independent process outside of the organisation also can foster more candor and be a true reflection of how the board see themselves and the 
Would you like to know more about board evaluation?
Once  the board has developed its focus, strategic direction and development needs it is quite common that many boards and NFP directors become paralysed by the volume and complexity of work that may be required.
Building an action plan is essential to ensure all board members and senior management agree on the time frames, responsibilities and use of resources moving forward.

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