My skills development programs are targeted at developing essential board  core skill sets to improve efficiency, results, and overall effectiveness. I deliver pragmatic programs for Chairs, boards and executives to empower and build morale while improving productivity, effectiveness, and results. 

The Effective Chair

Mastering the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective and efficient Chair.

Taking a unique look at the art of getting things done and offers practical solutions and tools to help everyone from the thinkers to doers get the results they need. Managers and Leaders in all organisations have a fundamental role of ensuring that their teams, departments or business units are achieving productivity, service delivery and budgetary outcomes.

Explore the the skills needed to build a game plan, understand yourself and others, think outside the box and practice effective communication. You will also discover what collaboration, cooperation and consultation really mean, and how to tough it out when things get rough.

Building a Game Plan

Discover how to make the most of opportunities and plan for success

What are the key ingredients of building a game plan?  From stakeholder identification to exploring milestones and measuring success, those who are organised and focused make better decisions about the best ways to achieve goals.


They can be more effective at communicating these to stakeholders, teams and backers. Learn how to identify and anticipate needs to avoid costly mistakes and achieve your work more accurately and efficiently.

Impactful Meetings

Learn and practice the skills and methods to plan run and create impactful meetings.

The key work of boards is carried out in meetings. Unfortunately e rarely leave meetings energised and feeling as though you have accomplished all the necessary goals.


Focus on planning, agenda development, the establishment of processes, time management, inviting the right people to the meeting, decision-making, team building and evaluation.

Understanding Yourself and Others

 Discover the things that make you tick and how to work effectively with others.

In order to lead and work with others we first need to know how to relate to all those people we interact with on the board or in the organisation. Humans come with a myriad of experiences expectations and inherent characteristics that affect the way they work and interact.


Learn to identify and function with different working and learning styles, build team cohesiveness and motivate those around you. Being effective in your role and leading with purpose starts with knowing understanding diversity that organisations embrace.

Risk Management

Master the process of risk based thinking to improve you business or projects.

The difference between successful and unsuccessful organisation can be the ability to understand and embrace risk. We all want to have a positive outlook for our businesses but it is often the unexpected or unplanned events that have the biggest impact.


Don’t stick your head in the sand, this is the perfect way to initiate and implement Risk Management in your business. Based on the international standard for Risk Management ISO31000, you will start by understanding the organisational context, identify key risks, prioritise them and begin to develop treatment plans.

Internal Review

Mastering the knowledge and skills needed to critically look at how your governance system is operating.

For boards and NFP's it is essential that there is an understanding of the effectiveness and application of processes developed for the control of the organisation.


A systematic and periodic review of governance policy and procedures enables the board to ensure conformance to these critical control methods and to continually improve how the organisation manages compliance.

Compliance Fundamentals

​​Identify and build a compliance management system that reflects the nature and scale of your organisation.

Every organisation has one thing in common. That is the need to be compliant to obligations through standards, regulations and Acts of parliament. This is the perfect way to participate in developing a compliance culture in your business.


Based on the international standard for Compliance Management Systems ISO19600, you will start by understanding the organisational context, build leadership frameworks, develop compliance objectives and build support.

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