Robert Crowe MBA GAICD

"Showing up to facilitate positive change in the community is no easy feat. We exist to support transformation at the board level for impactful leadership“

"I believe that a sustainable future depends on transformative processes
that enable people to work together to achieve their purpose."


When my daughter was born with a disability in 1999, I had no idea of how this event would change my life and that of my family. She had to face some immediate medical challenges as well as a longer term disability that will stay with her for life.

Although my daughters’ original prognosis will never change, I think concentrating on the physical healing in her early years somehow created a determined focus that stayed with us.

That focus was a feeling of just getting on with it and doing as much as you can to bring her up as ‘healthy’ as possible. What really opened my eyes during this time was the incredible positivity and support we got from so many people working behind the scenes to support us.

These and many other people working for non profit organisations are tackling some of the most challenging issues faced by the planet and its inhabitants, from the environment, to animal welfare and the human condition.

Most are doing it on a shoestring budgets and limited resources.

I am not sure of the exact day I decided to get involved  but my first memory is that of making protest buttons and picketing one of our state members when she visited our region to get more funding and expand services.

Although protesting was fun, soon the idea of helping at a higher level, and assisting the organisation reach its full potential through a strong board and management team, was more of what I was interested in, and adept at.

I got so involved, that I decided my future focus would be on helping those board leaders in the sector do their best with the resources at hand to build sustainable community assets.

After a career in senior management positions and working as a management consultant in compliance, management systems, leadership development and sustainability roles, being able to work with organisations and programs that have an impact on the whole sustainability model is inspiring.

I have been asked on many occasions why I focus my work on the Chair or Presidents roles. In my opinion these are the most pivotal people on the non profit board or committee, and strong leaders can make great things happen.

My passion, focus and expertise then is trying to build a balance between good oversight and powerful action that enables the board and organisation to serve its cause or community and fulfill its purpose.


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