Drawing a line in the sand

Edward Deming once said "You can't manage what you don't measure". He also said that "its not good enough to do your best. You must first know what to do and then do your best".

These two quotes can be applied to many organisations, but if you are on a not for profit Chair or President they are especially relevant. Drawing a line in the sand and evaluating where your board stands as an effective governance team is an essential processes for all board leaders.

Where to Start

How do you measure the success or effectiveness of your board? Is it primarily around your financial success or do you take other measures and areas of governance into account?
Surprisingly many non profit boards spend a lot of time evaluating and assessing the success of the organisation but fail to put regular checks in place to ensure the board is staying on track and improving towards best practice.
Relying on anecdotal evidence or conversations is not the ideal way to ensure your board is working to its true potential.
Independent evaluation and direction is an excellent way to ensure your board are aligned and working to the same goals.
Having an independent process outside of the organisation also can foster more honesty and be a true reflection of how the board see themselves opening up conversation and discussions that may never be started.

Gap Analysis

The Governance Index TM gap analysis is an independent discovery tool designed to help Chairs draw a line in the sand of where they are today and which areas of best practice they need to be working on.
This gap analysis concentrates on ten key areas of your work as a board taking into consideration a strong Foundation, Processes, People, Direction and Effectiveness. 
The tool can be used by the Chair or President to develop a road map for their board leadership moving forward, or as a whole board activity that takes into account all board members views, knowledge and understanding.
Would you like to take the next step and carry out a gap analysis?

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