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The 'Facilitative Chair'TM  model is a people focused methodology aimed at building collaborative processes and results that focus the board on achieving its true purpose.

The struggle for many non profit boards is maximising resources and utilising the limited time together to effectively carry out their governance work while simultaneously setting up the organisation or cause for a sustainable future.

A Facilitative Chair is able to harness the power and collective skills of the board by creating a safe environment for all members to contribute, make decisions and take action.

A Facilitative Chair:

  • Understands the skills, strengths and preferences of their board members

  • Develops governance processes appropriate to the nature and scale of the organisation or cause

  • Creates a vision for the board that guides development and encourage best practice

  • Balances the need between collective decision making and taking action

  • Views diversity of thought as a key board strength

  • Takes the time to integrate all positions on the board

  • Keeps the board focused on important current and emerging topics

  • Builds agreement across the board and senior team in devising the best way forward

  • Is self aware and works to improve their own performance and skills

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