Whether you are developing your boards strategy, developing an action plan or need help running meetings, professional facilitation can be the difference between achieving your outcomes and stagnating.

Using an experience facilitator allows you as leader to participate in the process and contribute along with the group while being assured that ideas are being explored, the team are all contributing and the meeting or session is staying on track to meet outcomes and timing expectations.

Facilitation & turning
ideas into action.

Having the right idea or intentions is simply not enough. As important as creativity and idea creation are, they require action before any idea will have real value.

A facilitator keeps you on track to achieve your planning goals and allows you as a leader to observe your team while being a participant in the process.

As a facilitator, I will help you as an individual with your own ideas and priorities, as a leader in sharing and prioritising ideas, and as a board to decide what to work on and who should be involved.

I will facilitate the essential steps to turn ideas into action, which includes:

  • Identifying roadblocks,

  • Defining vision and goals,

  • Building a game plan,

  • Developing schedules and milestones,

  • Contingency plans, and

  • Creating a shared sense of purpose.

Clarifying Strategy

Many senior managers, CEO's and boards believe they have the skills and knowledge in their team to build a successful strategy for the next 3 to 5 years.

The issue is that developing and exploring strategy requires full involvement from the board through to the senior management team. The ability to manage the process, debate scenarios and form a cohesive plan can be difficult for an individual to achieve.

As a facilitator I work with boards and CEO's to develop the processes and methods to ensure outcomes are achieved and that agreement and consensus is reached.

I employ a proven methodology with key facilitation principals to get you and the team on the path to the future.


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