The benchmark for non profit board leadership

Equip yourself with the skills, tools and confidence to lead your non profit board with purpose.

The "Facilitative Chair" program is designed to enable you to learn the essential leadership skills required to guide your board to being more effective, efficient and to achieve your true purpose.

Combining training, online forums and individuals coaching sessions this 12 month program takes a long term approach to your role as a Chair or President and is designed to challenge, support, and empower you to develop the necessary skills that enable you and your board to work as a cohesive team.

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CONTEXT - Drawing a line in the sand

The first thing a new Chair should do after taking on a Leadership role with the board is to get a full understanding of the context of their governance team and the organisation.

Many new Chairs fail to take the time to take a macro view of their new role and set themselves up for success.

PLANNING - Building a game plan

Building confidence and cohesion with a board requires a great vision, transparency and effective leadership. To build the foundation of a strong team you first need to assess where you are, your vision for the future and develop a strategic direction for the board itself.

MEETINGS - Creating a circle of trust

Meetings are the place where discussions are held, options are debated and plans are formulated. The Chairs challenge and key role is to ensure that these opportunities are maximised to ensure the right discussions are taking place and the best decisions are made.

AGREEMENT - Building agreement and decision Making

The ultimate aim for your board is to tap into the diverse backgrounds and experience of its directors while promoting diversity of thought and opinion. Facilitating discussion and reaching agreement require attention and skill. These skills need to be developed and practiced over time to ensure they become standard practice.

MEASURE - Evaluation and measurement

Relying on anecdotal evidence or conversations is not the ideal way to ensure your board is working to its true potential. Purposeful and planned evaluations are essential to ensure your board are aligned and working to the same goals.


  • Governance Index evaluation with Chair or whole board valued at $1,500. This includes access to the online questionnaire, confidential report and personal debrief highlighting elements of strength and opportunities for improvement

  • One on one coaching and mentoring up to three hours per month designed to create and execute a program of work that builds the effectiveness and efficiency of your board

  • Access to tools designed to professionalise and streamline the processes associated with key board functions

  • Access to online face to face live master classes on key topics such as facilitation, risk management and decision making

  • Exclusive access and discounts to workshops delivered within the 12 months


  1. Line in the sand report to set the base line for board best practice

  2. 12 to 24 month plan and vision for your board and its development

  3. Meeting and facilitation tools to ensure the boards annual program is in line with strategic needs.

  4. Facilitation skills from getting the most out of board diversity and understanding difference through to dealing with difficult people and situations

  5. Development of core processes to ensure increased efficiency and effectiveness of your non profit board

  6. Confidence to create direction and grow into the Chairs leadership role

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