Are you curious, hungry for new experiences and easily bored?

You may have seen conversations on line that have talked about volunteering and giving being one of the most selfish things you can do.

Giving and generosity have been linked to reducing stress fighting of depression and generally increasing your physical health.

From my experience the motivations many people have to give are varied. Some people I have met are good givers because that’s the way they have been raised. Others are motivated by helping out friends and families or have been motivated into action by inequalities or the needs they see in society and the planet.

“The 2016 Census showed that 3.6 million people had volunteered in the community in the previous year, or 19.0% of the population, up from 17.8% in 2011, an extra 530,000 volunteers over 5 years."

One thing I often see though is that giving and volunteering also attract the curious, nosey and well mean’ers. For organisations looking for additional help having people on the board, interacting with clients or in the front line with the right motivations is imperative.

Working in the for purpose sector I am always curious and excited to see how non profits are working to meet the needs of the community and our planet.

I recently volunteered at Good360 Australia as they kicked off their post Covid-19 volunteering program in their new Smithfield premises. It is always important for me to ensure what I am giving is something that others need and not just what I am willing to give. Being sensitive to others needs is imperative.

My experience was one of connection and joy as I gained a sense of accomplishment while connecting with like-minded volunteers and workers.

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