Is your Non Profit board Surviving or Thriving?

The non profit board comes in many shapes, sizes and levels of effectiveness. The challenge for all boards though is to maximise time together to get the best collective results from those around the table.

Do you recognise any of these boards?

Surviving: Unaware of their responsibilities and role of the board, just keeping their heads above water and in many cases failing the true purpose of the cause. Internal conflict dominates their agendas and very little gets done for the cause itself. Over time their actual impact starts to have a negative impact on the organisation.

Reviving: These boards realise that they need to improve and grow as a governance team. They review their processes and role in advancing the cause. These boards are looking for guidance and best practices to model while building a better governance approach.

Driving: Actively engaged with the cause and the organisation helping drive change and growth. The driving board are involved with the organisation with a view to advancing the outcomes of the cause. They are looking to build a strong organisation and step back and be more strategic.

Thriving: working at a strategic level to support the cause while ensuring effective oversight for key stakeholders. The thriving board is confident to contribute and increase their impact. Most of all they don’t covet their role, realising that healthy board diversity and turnover ensure sustainability.

Where do you think your boards sit?

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