Difficult Boardroom Conversations

Our Non Profit Networking group tackled the subject of difficult boardroom conversations in February. Directors who participated site a number of issues that can arise that in their experience have led to hard conversations around the board table.

These can include

  1. director performance

  2. significant events

  3. dealing with founders

  4. CEO Performance

  5. Competition beween directos and senior managers

  6. Bad behaviour

  7. Underperforming programs

  8. Passionate supporters.

In dealing with these issues in and around board meetings the group discussed some of the things to look out for when dealing with these, including

  • Confidentiality

  • Conflict of interest

  • lines of authority

  • use of facts

  • respect to privacy

  • having open discussion without ganging up

  • close relationships

  • leaving things to fester

  • acting promptly

  • going public.

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