Navigating Board Diversity

The right board will have the best balance of skills and the right combination of styles and preferences that are committed and focused on the current operating environment while taking a strategic outlook.

This is the topic we tackled at our Non Profit Directors Network in July.

Some of the traps and misconceptions for boards I see is understanding the difference between building a consulting team or developing a governance team. I always advise boards to shy away from the Noahs ark thinking of board makeup. We need an accountant, lawyer, marketer, celebrity, baker and candlestick maker etc.

Instead if you take a top down view of what your broader network there are far more resources and opportunities at your disposal to assist your cause than you might think.

The idea that the board has to be the fountain of all knowledge is outdated. The first discussion should not be “who should be on the board, it is who do we need in the broader context to build the causse, raise awareness, find partners and funding etc

Once that has been established, the next question then is about the board who do we need on the board to make this happen; In my experience this is a different question.

Non Profit Director Networking events occur monthly. If you would like to sign up for an event of join the mailing list please foll this link or contact me directly.


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