Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success - Henry Fo

One of my favourite quotes is from Henry Ford who said that “coming together as a beginning, staying together is progress, but working together is success.

I really feel that this is very pertinent to not only for non profit boards but as your role as chair.

One of the things that many not-for-profit chairs fail to do is to concentrate on that beginning whether the board's coming together as a new board or whether it's bringing on new directors as part of the rotation.

It's very important that you set or reset that foundation.

Some of the things that you can work on is to discuss and put in place your vision for the board and your vision for the organization, you can revisit or refocus the strategy as there might be some new ideas that come in with the new board.

Revisit planning around processes and procedures and how you are going to work and interact together as a board in decision-making while understanding what are individuals expectations.

Discussing how you're going to interact together and put some of these key things in place right at the beginning of the process, right at the beginning of your board cycle will mean that you will have success in the future.

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